Ensure you have proper cover in the event of car theft

Industry experts have recently said that, whether you’re looking for discount car insurance for your old banger or comprehensive cover for your new BMW, make sure that you have the proper cover bought and paid for in the event of a car theft.

Recently published research findings by one motor car insurance provider has revealed that the car least susceptible to theft in the UK is the Ford Ka.  The research study also discovered that the car most often stolen from car parks and street corners was not an expensive supercar but the simple Toyota Yaris, followed closely by The Volvo XC90 and the Volkswagen Toureg, with the only sports car – the Porsche 911-  in fourth place.

However, the owners of the nation’s fleet of high end vehicles – such as Jaguars, Mercedes, Range Rovers, and BMWs, are constantly vigilant against the threat of theft.  Car thieves would love to get their hands on these types of vehicles, but due to the higher security measures built into these cars, such as high-quality locks, coded keys, and immobilisers (all features that can result in lower car insurance rates), most thefts of these types of vehicle are done by stealing the keys to the car instead of the vehicle directly.

Car theft figures, released this past June, confirmed that the number of stolen cars in the UK has dropped by 37 per cent since 2006.  Throughout the past 20 years, the number of car thefts reduces by a factor of 80 per cent.

This is good news for drivers on two fronts, said one industry expert.  First, insurance premiums are influenced by car theft rates, though this has done little to counteract premium hikes caused by rising claims costs, and secondly, it’s simply gratifying to know that there is less chance of waking up only to find that a thief had made of with your vehicle overnight.

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