35% of young women consider driving without motor car insurance

One provider of discount car insurance for young drivers recently recently revealed that 35 per cent of female drivers between the ages of 17 and 24 would resort to driving whilst uninsured if hit with rising car insurance rates.

In the wake of a recent European Court of Justice ruling that the EU may enact legislation what would result in an  increase to motor car insurance costs for female drivers by as much as 25 per cent, Quinn-direct conducted a survey that discovered 12 per cent of young women motorists would be priced out of driving completely.  An additional 11 per cent reported that they would need to take on an additional job in order to keep up their cars on the road.

The premium price increase could also have an impact on the educational plans of some young women.  Five per cent of survey respondents admitted to being unable to attend classes if they don’t have the cash to keep their vehicles operating, while an additional 15 per cent reported that they would have no choice but to take a job closer to home due to the increased driving costs.

Industry experts said that the new measure has been a clear cause of controversy, with an overwhelming 48 per cent of drivers expressing disagreement with the new legislation.  If statistics indicate that women tend to be more careful behind the wheel and not be involved in costly road traffic accidents, respondents say, then they should be given less expensive car insurance cover than their male counterparts.

As car insurance rate increases have been directly linked to the increase in fraudulent claims, some experts say that legislation should be focusing on their reduction instead.

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