Motorists with clean records to enjoy cheaper car insurance

Drivers with no penalty points on their licences will soon be enjoying cheaper car insurance than those with poor driving records once new rules go into effect in Ireland that will permit car insurance companies from examining driving records.

Confirmation was recently given by the Irish Insurance Federation that, once insurers were provided clearance to peruse Irish mororists’ driving records, those with no penalty points would begin to experience a break on their car insurance rates.  While the Irish government has no legal authority to force insurers to provide discount car insurance quotes to their customers, hopes are high that permitting access to drivers’ records will result in safe motorists being rewarded.

The Irish Independent recently published an article revealing that insurers will be granted new powers.  Insurance providers will soon be permitted to call up a given person’s driving record and examine the nature of any offences that may be recorded therein.

Dangerous or reckless drivers will face penalties, depending on the circumstances surrounding how they were assigned the points. This differs significantly from the current system, which does not examine the nature of the incidents but only the number of total points that have been placed upon a licence.

Higher premium prices await those with certain offences, such as dangerous or careless driving, speeding, and drug and drink driving.  Mike Kemp, chief executive for the IIF, remarked that more than 50 per cent of motorists with penalty points or convictions did not inform their insurance providers, which means they were paying lower premium prices than to which they were entitled.

Although people are indeed requested to disclose convictions and points, the IIF believes that more than half of people do not, he added.

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