Scottish police cracking down on motor car insurance dodgers

Traffic police in Scotland have announced they will be cracking down on motor car insurance dodgers this coming weekend.

Those who are found to have not taken out at least discount car insurance will either have their vehicles seized or even destroyed during the push, officials say.  Police have been granted to hand out £200 fines and six penalty points on the spot, while the courts can levy fines of as much as £5,000 and order an offender immediately disqualified.

Senior police officials say that the new crackdown is key in cutting down the number of injuries and fatalities on roads in the UK.  Uninsured drivers cost approximately £500 million to the UK economy on an annual basis, and honest motorists end up bearing the brunt of these costs in the form of increased car insurance rates.

Fiona Taylor, Assistant Chief Constable for Strathclyde, spoke on behalf of the Association of  Chief Police Officers in Scotland by declaring that uninsured motorists are a menace on roads in Scotland and England.  These drivers demonstrate an utter lack of respect for other users of the road, the Assistant Chief Constable said, adding that it has been the experience of the ACPOS that they have a higher likelihood of being involved in other kinds of criminal activity as well.

During the weekend-long crackdown, remarked Ms Taylor, Scottish police forces will be especially targeting those who have demonstrated their lack of disregard for the law.  Once they are tracked down, the ACPOS spokesperson said that their vehicles will be seized, as police personnel will be using both unmarked and marked vehicles sporting advanced detection technology.

The ACPOS is committed to making sure roads in Scotland are as safe as they can possibly be for all users of the road, Ms Taylor added.


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