Huddersfield postcode blacklisted by car insurer

One Huddersfield postcode has been blacklisted completely by one motor car insurance provider, it was revealed recently.

Cheap car insurance provider Esure has recently revealed that, in regards to motorists in certain parts of HD2, they should look elsewhere for insurance cover.  The truth came to light after Richard Williams, a Birkby native, was informed that the insurer would not provide him an instant car insurance quote for his BMW Z3.

A shocked Mr Williams said he couldn’t understand how the insurer could issue a blanket ban across the whole of a postcode.  The 45 year old, who has not had a claim in 10 years, was flummoxed as to why Esure would refuse to take him on, remarking that the company was lumping quite a few differing housing areas – which ranged from £2 million mansions, terraces, and council houses – into one unacceptable risk category.

Mr Williams had been provided cover by Esure in the past, he remarked, and as he was taking his BMW convertible off the road for the winter, he had hoped to renew its cover before doing so.  However, when he requested a price quote, he was informed that, since his car had been in storage for a considerable length of time, the quote would be for a new policy – and new policies were not available in HD2, which stretches from the junction of Leeds Road and Bradley Road in the east to Ainley Top in the west.

The postcode includes several neighbourhods, including Sheepridge, Cowcliffe, Brackenhall, Deighton, Fartown, Birkby, and Fixby.  An Esure spokesperson denied that there was a ban in effect, but then went on to admit that particular areas of the postcode were indeed barred from taking out new policies.

However, the spokesperson said that the insurer currently provides cover for a significant number of people in HD2 and will continue to do so in the future.  Mr Williams, however, has since gone on to find an alternative source of insurance cover for his BMW.

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