Yorkshire car insurance rates leading to uninsurable generation

Car insurance rates in Yorkshire have rocketed so high that one industry expert has remarked that the region may soon have an entire generation of young drivers that cannot afford motor car insurance unless the Government steps in.

Cheap car insurance provider the Co-operative’s Grand Mitchell remarked that an entire raft of measures would be required to remedy the issue, as premiums in one Yorkshire city have been increasing at a 13 per cent rate every quarter.  Mr Mitchell had been speaking at the behest of David Ward, Liberal Democrat MP for Bradford East, who has been campaigning for car insurance reform since his constituents made him aware of the issue.

The Bradford East MP’s constituent survey received in excess of 1,000 responses, revealing details concerning the increase of yearly premiums.  Premium prices were found to have gone up by an average of 63 per cent over the past three years, while also revealing that there are some neighbourhoods within the city where insurers flat-out refuse to cover in the slightest.

Co-operative motor insurance head, Mr Mitchell, stated that the industry is truly in danger of fostering a generation of uninsurable younger motorists who simply have no way of affording such exorbitant insurance cover.  Behind the rampant rate increases is the current state of the accident claim industry, as more and more people have been filing car accident injury claims, despite overall accident figures actually declining.

Mr Mitchell added that Bradford, with the highest rate of uninsured drivers in the nation along with one of the worst places in the UK for insurance fraud, clearly has particular problems.

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