Car insurance companies give price break to volunteers

Car insurance companies have recently pledged to aid volunteers wanting to use their vehicles to help their local communities by pledging to give them breaks on their car insurance rates.

A full 85 per cent of the motor car insurance industry has pledged to support the Big Society, including more than 50 brands of discount car insurance.  The announcement comes on the heels of discussions with volunteers frustrated with encountering financial and regulatory barriers to their participation in the Big Society.

The new pledge only applies to private car insurance policies.  Motorists may only use their own personal vehicles and are banned from using their cars for hire or reward.

Hopes run high within the insurance industry that the new commitment will aid in the encouragement of volunteer assisting within their local communities.  This could result in an increase in availability in hospital transport for the elderly and the ill, or for transport out on day trips.

Nick Hurd, MP and Minister for Civil Society, said that he was delighted at the car insurance industry’s positive action in helping people to support their communities in a volunteer capacity, especially in the face of rampant car insurance costs over the past few years – with younger Brits bearing the full brunt of the rate hikes.

In related news, earlier in August the Co-operative Insurance announced that almost 9 out of 10 motorists with its Young Driver cover would end up receiving more than £100 credited to their insurance policies.  The reward is for careful and responsible motoring habits as measured by a telematics device that has the ability to record and analyse young drivers’ actions whilst behind the wheel.

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