Cheap car insurance provider: drivers territorial over parking

One discount car insurance provider has discovered in a recent poll that a great many UK motorists are highly territorial in regards to the public parking located outside their home.

Motor car insurance company Churchill found that as many as 44 per cent of drivers feel that the public parking space nearest to their house is theirs by right of ownership.  A further 18 per cent admitted to feelings of distress when strangers park their vehicles in front of their homes.

5 per cent of motorists said they have taken a hard line stance to the parking space outside of their homes, admitting that they have used road signs, traffic cones, or even their own vehicles to stop others from usurping what they feel is their spot by right.

To wit, 2 per cent of drivers have reported putting up notices in order to discourage other drivers to park near their home.  Meanwhile, in excess of 4 per cent of survey respondents stated that they had become embroiled in a shouting match with one of their neighbours in 2010 regarding parking.

The research findings also found that 18 per cent had been denied entrance to their property the previous year due to people parking across their drive.  However, only 3 per cent had returned home to find a strange driver had actually left their vehicle on their driveway or garden.

The most strident of these drivers, in their insistence on laying claim to the public parking located outside their homes, were found to be within the North West and North East regions.  Meanwhile, the homeowners who were the least troubled by anyone parking their vehicles near their property were those residing in Scotland.

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