Motor car insurance claim filing on smartphones rises

The number of motor car insurance claims being filed on smartphones has risen in comparison to last year’s figures, a car insurance comparison site recently discovered.

A recent research survey found that three times the number of claims were filed on a smartphone or similar device than in 2010.  In addition, more and more car insurance companies have reported offering smartphone claims filing capabilities as well.

A spokesman for the discount car insurance website remarked that there has been a meteoric rise in the number of motor claims through the use of mobile apps.  If this trend were to continue, the spokesperson added, it would not be unheard of to see filing claims on mobile devices grow in popularity enough to nearly rival phoning a call centre as the most often used filing method.

Motorists with smartphones, such as the Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry families of products, have the ability to download apps that permit them to file their claims right at the scene of an accident from start to finish.  In comparison to using a phone to report a claim, smartphone apps are less frustrating and more versatile due to having no wait times and its ability to be used anytime and anywhere, leading nearly every insurance provider to introduce a claims filing app in the past few years.

Insurers have responded to the rapid increase in smartphone use in a timely manner, industry experts said.  Insurance providers recognise that in order to make filing claims more convenient for their customers, they need to capitalise successfully on as ubiquitous a technology as smartphones, as a large percentage of UK motorists have some sort of smartphone at their disposal.

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