UK drivers running 278 red lights every sixty seconds

According to one direct car insurance provider, Brits are running 12 million red lights every month on roadways in the UK, which equates to 278 red lights every sixty seconds.

In a recent survey conducted by discount car insurance provider Direct Line, 14 per cent of respondents remarked that they run through two red traffic lights on average in any given month, which is equivalent to more than 5.2 million UK motorists. The motor car insurance provider also found that at two per cent, more than 760,000 drivers will routinely drive through a red light if they feel that there’s no traffic and the road is clear.

The risks inherent in this reckless driving are the possibility of 36 million  points on UK licences, as each offence carries a penalty of three points.  Moreover, a total monthly combined fee of £721 million from penalty notices would have to be paid if each driver was caught.

The survey also found that a distressingly high number of drivers have put not only their own lives at risk but that of other road users by neglecting to slow down at amber lights.  At nearly one out of every ten motorists, these so-called ‘amber gamblers’ refuse to reduce their speed when approaching a light about to turn red – and four per cent even admit to increasing their speed to edge out the changing light.

More than 500,000 motorists risk being struck from behind by these amber gamblers as they dash through a junction or crossing because of their automatic response to reduce their speed upon seeing the light change.  More than 1.5 million motorists who gamble on getting through before the red even admitted to finding the idea of getting in just under the wire as a thrilling experience.

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