Don’t cut corners on your motor car insurance, experts warn

Cheap car insurance experts have recently warned motorists to not cut corners on their motor car insurance, despite the mounting financial pressures many UK drivers have been feeling due to rising petrol prices.

The results of a conducted study by GEM Motoring Assist were unveiled recently, revealing that one out of every three Brits know someone personally who may be contemplating whether they should drive without purchasing a policy from any of the nation’s car insurance companies.  David Williams, the organisation’s chief executive officer, remarked that he was genuinely shocked by the figures.

Drivers who look to shave a few pounds off the cost of keeping a car by driving illegally could end up in deep trouble, Williams added, as ignoring insurance regulations could end up costing even more.  A motorist who finds themselves involved in an accident with no insurance cover will end up paying thousands more than they would have if they’d just taken out a comprehensive policy, the chief executive also said.

Furthermore, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has upgraded its infrastructure with highly sophisticated databases as of late, Mr Williams remarked.  This means that the chances of slipping through the cracks have diminished considerably, so drivers that are looking to reduce their motoring costs need to cut corners elsewhere.

Many motoring experts recommend changing your motoring habits in order to manage costs.  Using public transport is one way to do so, as is trading in your current car for one that has greater fuel efficiency to make your pound go farther at the petrol pump.

However, NFU Mutual has recently warned those dwelling in the countryside to keep an eye out for criminals siphoning fuel from diesel-fueled vehicles, as the high price of the fuel has resulted in an increase in theft from rural regions.

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