Dashboard clutter can lead to car accidents, says Autoglass

Hoarding litter on the dashboard and leaving it cluttered can result in an increased risk of road accidents – and increased car insurance rates -according to the results of a recent survey conducted by Autoglass.

The study revealed that one out of every three van drivers, and nearly the same number of truck drivers, had been nearly involved in anywhere from 11 to 30 road traffic accidents because their view of the road was obscured by clutter.  In a list that would make the car insurance companies of these drivers wince, the most common objects left on the dashboards of vans and trucks were coffee cups, newspapers, fast-food boxes, or even cuddly toys and other similar items.

In spite of driving about with blocked views of the road, approximately 1 out of every ten van drivers said they never bothered to clear off their dashboards.  Lorry drivers were even worse, with 23 per cent of them admitting to leaving the clutter where it was regardless of the consequences.

Autoglass managing director, Matthew Maycock, remarked on the survey results, stating that while the days of the classic stereotype of the ‘white van man’ may be long gone, the survey results clearly show that van and lorry drivers spending countless hours out on the nation’s roadways are engaging in dangerous activity.  These drivers need to understand that their habits of hoarding litter and cluttering their dashboards put not only their own lives at risk but those of other users of the road as well, Mr Maycock also said.

The Autoglass managing director said that vehicle owners need to regularly clear the litter from their dashboards to eliminate clutter and to make sure that there are no impediments to their road visibility whilst behind the wheel.

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