Tips on keeping your car from being stolen

One car insurance comparison site has recently come forward with tips on keeping your car from being stolen, after interviewing former burglar and current security expert Michael Fraser.

Mr Fraser gave the online car insurance website an earful, giving consumers an insider view on what goes through a car thief’s mind when he’s sizing up vehicles.  Cheap cars with little street cred and less powerful engines such as the Ford Ka are usually passed over, the security expert says, while thieves will more readily target vehicles such as the Range Rover Sport, Mercedes C Class, Jaguar XJ, and the BMW 3.5.

Mr Fraser told the discount car insurance quote provider that these particular models are particularly coveted by thieves due to how well built they are, how well the hold the road, and their speed and power.  Most thieves will know that it’s nearly impossible to break in to a well-protected car in this range, the security expert added, so thieves focus their efforts on getting their hands on the keys instead.

Throughout the interview, Mr Fraser revealed that vans are often target as well because thieves spy equipment or tools kept inside.  Car thieves steal vehicles for specific purposes, he said, and white vans are especially popular for transporting stolen goods due to their anonymous nature.

Anti-theft devices act as good deterrents to at least some extent, Mr Fraser added.  Thieves don’t have the time or patience to remove these devices, instead moving to the next available car with no security measures, and will almost always avoid those cars that are visibly protected such as stickers stating the car is equipped with a tracker device.

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