Motor car insurance company error leads to impounded car

The error of one discount car insurance provider led to a Northampton motorist’s car becoming impounded after police were erroneously informed that he had been driving without motor car insurance.

Far Cotton native 64 year old Roy Adams, of Pleydell Gardens, had been pulled over by police as he had been driving by Becket’s Park in Northampton.  A police officer informed him that his car had been flagged as being without insurance through their automatic number plate recognition system.

Mr Adams, who was actually fully covered at the time, was unable to inform the police which of the many car insurance companies in the UK had insured his vehicle.  The 64 year old man informed police that he could present them his insurance documents if he could return home, but the officers instead impounded his vehicle.

Mr Adams, after spending an hour traveling to Campbell Square Police Station by taxi, presented his documentation only to be informed that he would be required to pay £150 to release his vehicle, which had already been impounded.  He was also told that he would be charged an additional £75 for every day he could not retrieve his car for storage.

Mr Adams, after spending quite some time on the telephone, discovered that his insurer, the Co-operative, had neglected to enter the details of his vehicle properly into the Motor Insurance Bureau’s database, which the police use to verify if motorists are driving vehicles illegally.

A spokesperson for the insurance company apologised ‘unreservedly’ for the clerical error and any inconvenience suffered by Mr Adams.  The Co-operative not only paid the outstanding fees on the 64 year old’s impounded car but also offered him £200 as an additional good will gesture.

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