Football referees make bad calls with their car insurance

With only one out of every five football referees not having a no-claims bonus on their motor car insurance, it seems that their judgment away from the game can be called into question as much as their judgment during it.

In a recently conducted survey by a provider of discount car insurance, the only sportsmen found to be worse than football referees were boxers, as an eye-watering 82 per cent of them lacked a no-claims bonus on their insurance policy.  Close behind boxers were rally drivers, at 77 per cent, with footballers and jockeys rounding out the top five at 75 and 74 per cent respectively.

Overall figures indicated that approximately 66 per cent of survey respondents that had some connection with sport did not have the benefit of a no-claims discount to their car insurance rates.  This was found to be quite above the national average of 45 per cent.

The insurance company that conducted the research study, The Trading Floor, commented on its findings by stating that the most common reason someone would not have a no-claims bonus on their insurance policy would be due to having had a road traffic accident within the past 12 months.  While the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about sports athletes might be that they would have good co-ordination, it may be odd to think them to be less than stellar motorists, a spokesman fo the insurer said.

However, football club managers who have had fire raging in their veins after a referee made a bad call may not be particularly surprised to hear that their judgment behind the wheel might not be up to snuff either.

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