Top tips on getting discount car insurance quotes

As car insurance companies continue to raise premium prices, industry insiders have come forward with some top tips for consumers looking to find discount car insurance quotes to make motoring less expensive and more manageable.

One of the best things you can do is to put an additional person on your motor car insurance, experts say.  Those who share a car are thought to be more stable in the eyes of insurance companies, sources say.

Industry experts also council motorists to highlight the amount of driving experience you have.  When applying for an insurance policy, make note of any additional vehicles to which you have access.

When dealing with accidents, if it is truly a minor one, some experts recommend not submitting a claim.  This is because even a minor claim can result in your insurance premium increasing by as much as £50.

Furthermore, don’t forget that it’s in your current insurer’s best interests to keep you and your custom.  Don’t be afraid to haggle.  Additionally, car hire cover may not always be a requirement, as if you’re involved with an accident through no fault of your own, many bodyshops will provide you with a rental car free of charge.

Do what you can to protect any no-claims bonus you may have accrued over the years.  A proven history of not making any accident claims is one of the most important things that insurers examine, aside from postcode and age.

Consider parking on the street, experts say.  This is because that burglars and thieves can and will break into homes to pilfer your car keys, so parking away from the home could slow down or outright prevent thieves from locating your car.

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