1.3m drivers give up motoring due to high car insurance rates

1.3 million drivers have given up motoring this year due to high car insurance rates, new research has revealed.

Sainsbury’s discount car insurance division conducted the research study, finding that a total of 76 per cent of drivers in the UK have had to change their motoring habits over the past 12 months in order to save cash.  In addition to giving up their cars completely, the motor car insurance provider found that 26 per cent are no longer topping off their fuel tanks, 7 per cent have begun to car share, and 45 per cent have decided to drive less.

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance has taken steps to make it easier on drivers to purchase fuel. All new policyholders between July 5 and September 30 with a Netcar card will be given vouchers for fuel discounts for the next 12 months, which will entitle drivers to a 5p discount off every litre of petrol they purchase at one of the retailer’s more than 260 forecourts across the nation.

This new voucher offer comes on the heels of new research from the insurer that found 38 per cent of drivers have begun to use specific forecourts more often than others.  Motorists have begun to frequent these forecourts because they can collect reward points there or because they have competitive petrol prices, the survey found.

Sainsbury’s Finance motor insurance head, Ben Tyte, remarked that the average driver’s yearly fuel bill is more than £1,700, which represents a year-on-year increase of 22.9 per cent.  This highlights just how difficult the rising cost of driving is affecting motorist, as the average yearly cost of running a vehicle now exceeds £3,000.

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