UK holidaymakers warned to check their motor car insurance

UK holidaymakers planning on driving abroad have recently been warned to check their motor car insurance cover to ensure it extends to continental Europe, discount car insurance experts report.

One recently published report found that many drivers in the UK may erroneously believe that their current policies will adequately cover them for motoring in countries outside of Britain.  Unfortunately this is not always the case, as the car insurance rates Brits currently pay will only translate to third party insurance whilst traveling by car in the Euro zone.

Up to 2 million Brits may be planning to take their cars abroad this summer, according to estimates from the Association of British Insurers.  Many more UK drivers could be booking holidays before the beginning of 2012, so a substantial number of motorists could face a rude awakening by not securing the proper level of cover before they depart.

Local breakdown and repair services could end up costing the proverbial ‘arm and a leg’ if a motorist is caught inside the European Union without the requisite level of car insurance.  Fees in excess of £1,000 could be in store for motorists bringing broken down vehicles back home if their vehicles are not covered properly, according to the AA; furthermore, this figure doesn’t even touch upon the costs that could arise if a stranded driver needs to arrange alternative transport home and emergency accommodation.

One industry expert remarked that motorists need to ring up their insurer to make sure their existing policy extends its cover to countries outside the UK.  In the event that it does not, the expert recommended motorists take out foreign use extensions to prevent any unforeseen problems that might arise whilst motoring overseas.

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