Diamond finds 25% of UK children suffer from travel sickness

One provider of discount car insurance for women has recently found through the results of a research survey that travel sickness, an ailment that could run in the family, affects 25 per cent of children in the UK.

Motor car insurance provider Diamond conducted a research poll of 2,000 parents, showing that even those who have children that don’t regularly suffer from travel sickness often take steps in preparation for its occurrence.  Two out of every five respondents indicated that they will keep sick bags in their vehicles just in the event of their children becoming travel sick.

As for children who do suffer from travel sickness, 75 per cent of their parents have no choice but to pull over to the side of the road while their child fights off the affliction.  The direct car insurance specialists for women also found that two out of every five parents will have the dubious honor of cleaning up after their child became travel sick in the midst of their journey, and a similar number of parents simply avoid lengthy journeys by car altogether in order to alleviate the stress getting sick causes their children.

The research survey interestingly found that parents who had to wrestle with the ailment when they were children themselves have a much higher likelihood of having children who are also struck down by the affliction.  Parents who never got sick when they were children are five times less likely to have travel sick children themselves.

While many children eventually grow out of being susceptible to travel sickness, Diamond’s research findings indicate that this is no guarantee that they won’t grow up to become travel sick adults.  Sixty per cent of respondents who admitted to suffering from travel sickness when younger reported still experiencing symptoms now that they were grown up.

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