Unattended valuables not covered by car insurance companies

Despite the fact that car insurance companies sometimes do not cover against theft of valuables left in a discount car insurance policyholder’s car, motorists in the UK were found to habitually leave the equivalent of £278 on average in their vehicles unattended.

According to recent research data recently published by one leading car insurance comparison website, the items most commonly stored in glove boxes were found to be mobile phones and sat navs.  However, there were several other items that were found to be habitually left in vehicles, such as garden tools, golf equipment, laptops, and wallets.

The research also found that the group demonstrating the least amount of responsibility for their belongings was the young, as those between the ages of 18 and 24 were 50 per cent more likely to leave valuable items behind in the glove box when compared with those over the age of 45.

Motorists that regularly use both the boot and the glove box of their vehicles as locations to keep valuable object seem to have no awareness of the risks, let alone any concern for their personal property.  Three out of every four respondents reported not knowing if their insurance policy would extend to cover the theft or loss of their valuables, according to the survey.

As the average value of things left behind in vehicles was found to be £165, motorists need to be more conscious of the fact that personal property is for the most part not covered by their car insurance cover.  The purpose of motor insurance is not to cover the items inside the vehicle, one industry expert explained, but to provide financial cover for the vehicle itself.

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