UK drivers hazardous to the health of Europeans?

According to a recently conducted survey by one discount car insurance provider, drivers from the UK are seen as hazardous to the health of others when they’re off driving about Europe.

Motor car insurance provider Axa found that British drivers are responsible for a plethora of poor motoring whilst in Europe, such as driving on the wrong side of the road, either moving too slow or to fast, or mucking about at roundabouts while trying to figure out where to go.  The survey found that only 20 per cent of Europeans found British drivers to be careful motorists whilst driving about on the continent – and with estimates of seven million Brits crossing the Channel with their cars for summer driving holidays, many Europeans may be in for a rough road ahead.

The insurer’s study found that UK drivers were not even the worst of the worst, as that dubious honor went to Greek motorists.  British drivers came in seventh overall, with Germany coming out on top with the safest, most efficient motorists.

The direct car insurance provider’s study also uncovered evidence indicating that continental Europeans are not all just prejudiced.  Axa discovered that 27 per cent of motorists had had no knowledge of whether or not they needed a GB sticker when motoring abroad, while more than 70 per cent had trouble identifying European road signs accurately.

Moreover, the survey found that over half of respondents didn’t know they had to re-position their headlamps for countries with right hand driving, while four out of every ten had no idea they were required to carry a red triangle and reflective jacket while traveling through France.

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