Cash strapped mums abandoning their cars due to cost increases

Due to car insurance rate hikes and fuel increases, cash strapped mums have begun to abandon their cars for shorter trips, according to one new report.

Many financial pressures such as motor car insurance price increases and fuel hikes have made 7 out of every 10 mums in the UK take steps to drive less than they were last year, says a Bridgestone Tyres research study.  This has led to not only taking to their heels when it comes to shorter journeys like the school run, but even more planning to skip their school holiday car trips with their children as well.

The survey also found that one out of every 20 mums have actually sold off one of the family cars.  Meanwhile one out of every three were currently mulling over the sale of their car due to how costly fuel has become, and how hard it is to find discount car insurance in the UK.

The report also found that 90 per cent of mums had felt the effects of the economy in one way or another, with two out of every three expressing worry about how much it will cost their family when the school holiday rolls around.  Nine out of every ten are not saving as much as they would like, and almost 50 per cent regularly end up using the overdraft facility on their current accounts.

Many respondents also indicated that they are adapting to their current circumstances by scaling back their energy use, purchasing  own-brand products from stores and supermarkets, and not giving their children as many treats as they did in the past.

Andrew Dingley, UK communications manager for Bridgestone, summed up the findings of the new report, commenting that, since families have less money to spend, high petrol and insurance prices have been impacting not only how UK motorists drive, but also what they choose to drive.  Bridgestone’s research found that Brits have had to sacrifice journeys simply because they can no longer afford to fill up quite as much as they used to in the past.

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