Cheap car insurance for women? As long as they’re married

Cheap car insurance for women is only available to them if they’re married, according to the recent experiences of one Birmingham motorist.

Eileen McCann was in for a shock when she rang up her motor car insurance company recently, in order to inform them they had erroneously recorded her marital status as married on her impending insurance renewal.  The insurer promptly thanked her for informing them of the inaccuracy, and then informed her that her car insurance rates would now be £56 higher than before – all because she was single.

A confused Miss McCann was told that single women are a greater accident risk than married ones, which necessitated an addition to her premium price.  The woman, who had been with the insurer for several years, had been incredulous, especially since all her correspondence from the insurer had always come addressed as Miss McCann, indicating that the insurer was aware of her marital status.

Miss McCann rang her insurer back some time later to re-check, and faced confirmation from another staff member.  Having been told it was because her policy was underwritten by Aviva, who penalised single women drivers, she telephoned them directly only to be told that Aviva’s practices were nothing of the sort.

Claiming that her insurer is being discriminatory towards her, Miss McCann expressed her desire to learn how many other women may have inaccurate policies.  This is especially dangerous because any misrepresentation on a policy could lead the insurer to invalidate it in the event of an accident, leaving the woman uninsured and in very deep trouble.

Miss McCann’s insurer released a statement in which it said that the insurance industry’s standard practices are to consider a policy holder’s marital status in calculating premium prices.

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