Cheap car insurance can still be found out there, experts say

Despite the bleak economic landscape and the constant threat of rising petrol prices, industry experts say that discount car insurance can still be found out there – as long as you look hard enough.

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re not paying too much for your motor car insurance is to examine your renewal quote carefully and compare car insurance quotes from several sources.  Industry experts predict that you can save around £300 simply by being more selective with car insurance alone – and the time it takes to look into several different sources of cover to find the best one.

Once you select your perfect and inexpensive car insurance, do yourself a favour and pay upfront.  If you’re paying all your insurance in one go, it will actually cost less in the long run than if you paid monthly; even though those monthly payments seem less expensive, you’ll be charged interest each month at sometimes quite exorbitant rates.

Another good idea to consider is purchasing your insurance through a so-called ‘cashback’ site. These sites list product providers and retailers, and offer some funds in return for specific actions taken through the use of the site.

One more way to reduce your overall premium payments is by increasing the excess on your policy.  The majority of policies have either a compulsory or a voluntary excess charge, which is how much you would pay in the event of the claim before the insurer would take over and foot the rest of the bill, and insurers will commonly reduce premium prices if consumers are wiling to increase their excess slightly.

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