Car insurance comparison sites not the best option?

One online motor car insurance resource has recently remarked that car insurance comparison sites may not be the best way to get the most inexpensive insurance policy.

According to a recent JD Power and Associates report, a significant number of car insurance companies flatly refuse to have their discount car insurance quotes included in these website databases.  The reasoning is one of self-interest, critics say, as companies wanting no part in car insurance comparison sites have no desire to have their rates shown to consumers in a subjective manner.

This will perplex many consumers who have been inundated with marketing materials that tout how cheap it is for them to secure car cover through one of these comparison sites.  Consumer activist Kamran Malik, remarking that motorists need to know the truth about these insurance websites, commented that many of the largest players in the insurance market are not a part of the insurance comparison site network.

One of these car insurance giants that refuse to involve themselves with the comparison scheme is Aviva, said Mr Malik, one of the largest providers of car insurance in the world.  In fact the consumer advocate was able to find a policy that was £500 cheaper than what was being offered on the leading car insurance comparison site by going directly to an insurer.

There are many insurers that routinely do not participate in comparison sites.  These include Go Car Insurance, Insure, Churchill Car Insurance, Direct Line Car Insurance, and the aforementioned Aviva Car Insurance as well.

Mr Malik pledged to continue to spread his message of awareness to the UK consumer by unveiling his own website and information resource.

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