Think twice before not reporting licence points to insurers

One UK car hire company has recently stated that if motorists are thinking about not reporting driving licence points to their car insurance companies, they need to think twice – or risk getting in a whole heap of trouble.

Car insurance rates have continued to increase steadily over the past 12 months, and many drivers have felt the temptation to not make a bad situation worse by not reporting an accident or the addition of points on their licence.  Unfortunately, too many motorists are not aware that they are required by law to notify their insurer in the event of any change in their circumstances.

Motorists who become involved in an accident but neglected to report points to their insurers run the risk of their motor car insurance becoming invalidated.  This means that not only will these drivers have to pay out of pocket for any repairs or legal costs, they may also face criminal charges for driving without insurance.

The car hire firm’s managing director, Gareth Robinson,  remarked that even though insurance can be expensive, it is of the utmost importance for motorists to inform their insurers about any points placed upon their licence.  In the even that an accident occurs and insurance companies invalidate a motorist’s cover, drivers will be in much worse shape after all the vehicle and property damage bills, to say nothing about any personal injury claims and associated legal fees, he added.

Being found guilty of driving without insurance can result in even more fees and additional points on a licence.  This can then in turn make it even more expensive – and perhaps even nigh impossible – to find discount car insurance in the aftermath of an incident.

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