Car insurance rates going up? Blame GPS racers

While sat navs are an invaluable tool for millions of motorists in the UK, one discount car insurance provider has found evidence of a new, dangerous game being played with them that could result in car insurance rate hikes due to an increase in accidents.

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance recently discovered that GPS racing, a risky driving game in which motorists attempt to beat the clock by arriving at their destination ahead of the estimated time of arrival listed by a sat nav, was played by 7.2 million Brits last year alone.  These GPS racers will enter their destination into their car’s GPS unit and then use dangerous driving habits such as tailgating and speeding in an effort to get there ahead of schedule, the motor car insurance provider found.

Over the past 12 months, nearly 3.6 million drivers admitted to exceeding the speed limit whilst racing against their sat navs in an effort to reach their destination ahead of schedule.  An additional 322,000 motorists also admitted to overtaken in places where it was prohibited, 241,000 have engaged in tailgating other cars while attempting to shave a few minutes off their travel time, and more than 161,000 have either gesticulated or flashed their lights at other road users in an attempt to get them to increase their speed in order to continue racing on to their destinations.

An even more troubling statistic are the 1.2 million motorists who said that they drove through amber lights, admitting that they were even prepared to dash across crossroads and roundabouts.  Meanwhile, more than 570,000 drivers admitted that they did not appropriately reduce their speed upon approaching these junctions.

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