Cheap car insurance for young drivers? Try £50k instead

After she was given an instant car insurance quote in excess of £50,000, one 20-year-old woman has quite given up her dream of owning a car due to the lack of discount car insurance for young drivers.

Bradford native Leah Greaves, of Legram Street, was overjoyed three months ago when she passed her driving test.  However Ms Greaves is yet to locate a motor car insurance provider that is within her budget.

Calling the situation she found herself in quite ridiculous, she admitted with frustration that she has had to either catch buses or walk everywhere.  She even went so far as to contact her local MP after one particularly cheeky insurer quoted her £53,000 to insure her vehicle.

The lowest car insurance rate she has been quoted since then was £4,000, which is still a princely sum for a 20-year-old to pay for the privilege of car insurance.  Bradford MP, David Ward, raised young Ms Greaves’ case up with the Prime Minister in a plea to clamp down on runaway fees from car insurance companies.

The system is clearly in need of repair, said Mr Ward, if such an ‘obscene’ sum of money is to be expected for cover for a young driver such as Ms Greaves.  While young drivers are naturally less experienced and usually do pay a bit more for their insurance cover, the Bradford MP found the exorbitant price quotes simply unacceptable on any level.

Mr Ward said that the issue has begun to have a serious impact on the quality of life of people not just in Bradford but across the UK.  He remarked that the Government has no choice but to step in and take action in regards to unconscionably high price quotes.

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