Top tips on how to get low cost car insurance

As the current economic landscape continues to put the squeeze on car owners due to the rising costs of keeping a vehicle, motor car insurance experts have finally come forward with some top tips on how to get low cost car insurance without having to sacrifice quality or service.

One of the first things you should consider is to pay your car insurance rates annually instead of monthly.  While it is true that making an annual payment requires a larger outlay of cash initially, in the majority of cases the total figure is actually less costly than making monthly payments instead.

A large number of car insurance companies will charge you hefty fees and interest if you decide to pay monthly.  This can increase the overall cost of your cover substantially and make it even harder to keep your car as the monthly payments keep piling up.

Another top tip is to reduce the number of miles you travel in a year.  The more your annual mileage, the more time you spend behind the wheel, and insurers will adjust your premiums accordingly due to your increased likelihood of having an accident.

Moreover, you need to notify your insurer if you change your job.  Renewals are based upon that same annual mileage figure, which means that if you change your job location, or any other circumstances that lead you to travel either less or more than you previously did, insurers need to know this so they can adjust your premiums.

Finally, keep your vehicle secure.  As the likelihood of your insurer having to process a claim will drop if your car is harder to steal, insurers are keen to reward you for fitting immobilisers, alarms, and other anti-theft devices if your car doesn’t currently have them.

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