Europeans see Brits as terrible drivers, says insurer

One provider of discount car insurance in the UK and abroad has reported that, according to its recently released survey findings, motorists in Europe see Brits as absolutely terrible – and even dangerous – drivers.

Motor car insurance provider AXA, in its early holiday driving poll, estimates that an approximate seven million Brits have plans to drive abroad for their summer holidays.  However, the research also found that only around 20 per cent of Europeans consider Brits capable of driving carefully outside the environs of the UK.

Out of the eleven European nations included in the survey, the UK and its drivers were ranked as seventh best.  The Greeks were voted the absolute worst motorists, while Germany was reported to be the home of the Euro zone’s best drivers.

A litany of bad motoring behaviour complaints were lodged against British drivers as a result of the survey.  The most often complained-of issues were both driving too fast and driving too slowly, and confusion during the approach to junctions, roundabouts, and over which side of the road to drive upon.

Independent research findings in the UK corroborate the AXA survey findings, as 27 per cent of UK motorist respondents indicated that they were unsure of whether they need a GB sticker upon crossing The Channel.  One out of every three UK drivers also admitted having no knowledge of whether their car insurance rates would be valid for an extended motoring trip abroad.

Over half of UK drivers were unaware that they were required to change their headlight beams when driving on the right hand side of the road.  Moreover, 40 per cent were not aware of the need to carry a red triangle and a reflective jacket whilst motoring in France, and only 28 per cent could accurately identify a collection of European road signs.

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