Cheap online car insurance may not be the best value

Motor car insurance industry experts have recently warned that cheap online car insurance may turn out to not be the best value in the event of a collision.

Many consumers have secured discount car insurance through an online source in an effort to save some cash only to learn that some car insurance companies are not nearly as proficient at dealing with collision claims as others.  With the cost of motoring in the UK rapidly increasing, however, consumers with tightened belts due to the economy tend to discover this the hard way, and decidedly after the point of no return.

The difference between a responsible, trustworthy insurer and one that is not is an immeasurable one at the time of a car accident.  Even though many of us will take great pains to find the best insurer for our homes, businesses, and personal property, many Brits still neglect proper car insurance.  Additionally those who do secure the compulsory cover will oftentimes go to great lengths to find the least expensive, even if the service they will receive from the insurer is lacklustre at best.

Insurance experts say that motorists need to alter the way they shop for insurance cover; instead of looking for the least expensive policy, drivers need to select one that would cover 100 per cent of the costs incurred if they were involved in a traffic accident.  This may not be the most inexpensive option, experts say, but in the event of a traffic collision, a policy that ticks all the boxes will be far more effective than a cut-rate policy – and while you may think that the likelihood of being involved in an accident is low enough, gambling with your safety (and your financial health) is simply too much of a risk to take.

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