Online car insurance provider reveals new research findings

One online car insurance provider recently revealed new research findings that indicate car thieves increase their activity during the weekend as compared to the rest of the week.

The discount car insurance specialist found that the day that car thieves most often steal vehicles is Saturday.  Further research discovered that the day most likely to end in items burglarised from a car is Sunday.

The survey examined more than 40,000 claims of theft over the past five years to determine which days were most likely to have car crime take place.  Saturday was indeed found to be the most popular for instances of vehicle theft, Friday was the next most popular day.

Tuesday was found to be the day least likely for an car theft claim to reported to car insurance companies, while Wednesday, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday followed in order.  Meanchile, Sunday was found to be the day most often reported when it came down to item theft from vehicles, though Friday was found to be day least likely to attract thieves to the items left locked in a car.

Managing director for the insurance provider, Brian Martin, commented on the research findings by stating that the last thing anyone needs after a long week of work is for their car to be either broken into or stolen. Since the a large proportion of motorists go out and about on the weekends, the likelihood that their cars are being left unattended either at home or in a car park is high, which could lead thieves to be tempted to make a play for the goods – or for the whole car itself – he added.

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