Guilty of careless driving? Enjoy your car insurance rate hike

Motorists who are found guilty of offences related to careless driving will most likely experience a 27 per cent car insurance rate hike, according to newly released research findings.

Research conducted by one car insurance comparison site recently discovered what  the costs are to a motor car insurance policy for being found to have been driving with a lack of due care and attention.  The research findings of the discount car insurance site indicate that those convicted of careless driving offences found their annual premiums increased by an average of £200 atop their normal yearly charges.

This is of course in addition to the more direct consequences of such a careless driving conviction.  Motorists who find themselves distracted by such actions as changing a CD or radio station, or even speaking on a mobile, face a fine of £60 in addition to having three points added to their licence.

This inconvenient but relatively inexpensive fee is but the beginning of a careless motorist’s worries, however.  The research study found that the actual financial costs of such a carelessness conviction can be much higher, since car insurance companies will review motoring records and re-assess a driver’s risk profile – leading to rate hikes and increased premium costs for the motorist in question due to the offence.

Even though the act that led to the conviction might have not been intentional, insurance industry experts remark that the dangers of careless driving cannot be understated.  Official figures show that a significant percentage of road traffic accidents occur every year due to careless and distracted drivers, which makes the phenomenon not only dangerous to other road users but costly for insurers and motorists alike.

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