Check your motor car insurance before motoring in Europe

In the wake of a new poll that suggests a possible 5.6 million motorists planning to take a motoring holiday in Europe this year, discount car insurance experts have warned drivers to check their comprehensive motor car insurance cover before getting behind the wheel.

The new poll from the AA found that 14 per cent of motorists will be driving in Europe sometime in 2011.  However, the research also revealed that approximately one out of every three drivers in the UK think that their car insurance companies provide them cover throughout the continent – which in many cases is simply incorrect.

Insurance experts strongly suggest taking out insurance specifically designed for European breakdowns.  Experts also recommend checking the limits of the cover, because if it excludes collision-related recoveries, drivers might end up being stranded unless they had taken steps to extend their comprehensive cover as well.

Meanwhile, experts warn holidaymakers planning on motoring in France that a new French police initiative to reduce the number of road traffic accidents has been put into effect.  This means that speeding is being dealt with with much more diligence in France currently, which may be a shock to British motorists when they’re expected to hand over a fine on the spot if pulled over by an angry gendarme.

Drink driving limits are also much more strict in Europe as compared to home.  While the alcohol limit is 0.8mg per litre of blood in the UK, European countries generally range from as much as 0.5mg to as little as 0.2mg, and offenders are nearly always faced with prosecution.

However, motoring in Europe is quite enjoyable and straightforward, insurance experts say – provided you stay on the right and familiarise yourself with any local rules. The AA warns motorists to remember to bring your vehicle registration document and your insurance certificate whilst driving about outside the UK.

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