Cost of motoring sending drivers scrambling for new cars

As rampant car insurance rate hikes and the constantly increasing price of petrol conspire to drain the finances of every UK motorist, more and more have begun to actively look for a car with cheaper running costs.

Experts say that you can end up with cheaper car insurance by picking a model that is known for having low emissions.  The lower the better, and out of the 50 car insurance groups, picking a car such as the Volkswagen Polo 1.2 in group 4 remains one of the best ways to save money on car insurance.

The latest model of the Volkswagen Polo, which more than has a passing resemblance to a miniaturised Volkswagen Golf, is not only engineered in an excellent order but is stylish and solid as well.  Miles per gallon are high and emissions are low, making it both a popular and desirable supermini which, due to its positive image and reputation, is highly favoured when it comes time to resell.

Other even cheaper options include the Toyota iQ, the new model from the Japanese car manufacturer that resides in group 3. The manual transmission iQ is so low in cost that it actually resides within the free road tax band, and its fuel efficiency is a jaw dropping 65 miles per gallon, thanks to its 1.0 litre engine.

Another car that shares the same insurance group as the iQ is the new Peugeot 107 Urban Lite. The 107 Lite has a very efficient 3-cylinder, 1.0 litre petrol engine with a total 62.8 miles per gallon fuel consumption rating.  Overall the 107 Lite retains its ‘B’ banded £35 road tax.

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