Speeding traffic in UK more dangerous than it is abroad?

One new survey, conducted by a motor car insurance provider and a road safety charity, recently found that 30 per cent of UK parents believe that speeding traffic at home plays a greater risk to the lives of their children than a majority of other European countries.

Cheap car insurance quote provider Churchill, who conducted the study with the help of the Brake road safety charity, also discovered that 70 per cent of parents feared for not only the safety of their children but their own safety as well whilst stepping out into the road on foot.  The survey additionally found that 83 per cent of respondents had worries over the safety of children located in close proximity to their homes due to fast moving traffic, and that 91 per cent would appreciate motorists going more slowly and more carefully when they’re passing through their neighbourhood.

The survey, which polled a total of 2,000 people, also found that 74 per cent believe that more needs to be done to make the traffic around community facilities and schools slow down. Julie Townsend, campaigns director for Brake, said that it was unfortunate that few children can get out and about in their community due to the lack of safety caused by fast traffic.

Ms Townsend said that Brake was joining forces with Churchill in calling for direct car insurance policy holders to take responsibility and slow down to reasonable, safer speeds when driving in communities. This way the neighbourhood can be enjoyed by everyone in a safe manner, added the Brake campaigns director.

Brake has also called for local authorities to do more regarding the dangers as well by putting more widespread speed limits in place.

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