Slowpokes top cause of frustration for UK motorists

Research recently conducted by one discount car insurance website has discovered that slowpokes on the road are the most irritating thing UK motorists have to deal with on a daily basis.

Car insurance comparison website published the research study findings, revealing that 60 per cent of drivers in the UK reported heightened irritability and stress levels when stuck behind a vehicle not keeping up with the flow of traffic.  The online car insurance website also found that 45 per cent of angered drivers attempt overtaking these slow drivers, despite the increased chances of getting into a road traffic accident.

Official figures from the Department for Transport indicate that the survey findings pan out; more than 140 accidents happen every year due to slow drivers, according to the Department research findings.

There is sadly little to prevent motorists from driving too slowly.  With this in mind 50 per cent of UK drivers would support the introduction of a so-called ‘slow speed camera’ on to British roadways in order to catch and penalise motorists for driving below the legal minimum. car insurance head, Gareth Kloet, said that slow drivers have to be taken just as seriously as those who are caught exceeding the posted speed limit.  Mr Kloet added that the insurance website’s research findings confirmed that slowpoke drivers are responsible for many accidents annually as well as causing unnecessary anxiety in their less sluggish counterparts.

Kloet came out in support for the introduction of preventative measures with elimination of this hazard in mind.  Meanwhile, even if instituting slow speed cameras was not an option, also found several other ways to limit slow drivers.

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