Car insurance companies providing ‘green’ cover to clients

Car insurance companies in the UK have begun to provide so-called ‘green’ cover to their clients in the event that their covered vehicle is written off after an accident, discount car insurance experts say.

Zurich Private Clients, which is one of the Private Clients Panel members for Flint Insurance, recently launched the new fuel efficient initiative as an added benefit to their customers.   For its clients that take out the green motor car insurance cover, Zurich will pay 115 per cent of the car’s write off value as long as the client agrees to replacing their car with a more fuel efficient model instead.

To ensure that the new vehicle is indeed more highly efficient than the previous one, the new car must meet a specific requirement; the new car must be lower on the VED colour code than the previously insured vehicle.

Flint Private Clients spokesperson, Edward Spinks, remarked that giving people incentives to be more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient may be a bold move, but it is a logical one.  Mr Spinks added that, in light of ever-increasing fuel prices and the recent vehicle taxation cost changes tied to emissions, being green is not only good for the environment but good for business as well.

Insurance providers can demonstrate their generosity, their forward thinking, and their ability to accommodate the needs of the current market and consumer simply by offering the incentive to replace a written off car with a more fuel efficient one, Mr Spinks also said.

This new environmentally friendly initiative is but one of several new benefits Flint has come to provide for their clients.  Flint offers full Continental breakdown cover, courtesy car cover, and cover for road rage and carjacking incidents as well, to name but a few.

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