London motorists live in terror of uninsured drivers

According to new research from one direct car insurance provider and safety charity Brake, London motorists live in terror of uninsured drivers after 3.3 million of them have been involved in traffic accidents with them.

Cheap car insurance provider Direct line and Brake released the survey results, also stating that where motorists live can drastically alter the likelihood of coming into contact with someone who has opted not to secure motor car insurance cover.    The North East and the West Midlands both had relatively high chances of running into an insurance dodger at 13 and 14 per cent respectively, while London topped the list with 15 per cent.

According to Brake, the problem is a deadly serious one.  One out of every four crashes that involved an uninsured motorist ended up with someone suffering an injury, while four per cent of such accidents resulted in at least one fatality.

The research findings indicate that honest drivers are too often the ones on the receiving end of these injuries.  Fifteen per cent of drivers who ended up tangling with an uninsured driver in an accident reported being injured, while one out of every ten said that the passengers accompanying them had sustained injuries in the crash as well.

The safety charity said that the behaviour of these uninsured drivers highlights how little they regard the safety of other road users, as not getting caught seems to be their top priority.  Uninsured drivers left the scene without stopping in 17 per cent of accidents, and those that did stop took efforts to avoid being caught red handed, with 32 per cent lying and saying they had insurance and 23 per cent pleading with the other party to not get insurance providers involved.

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