Destitute drivers bilk car insurance companies fraudulently

Cash-strapped drivers crippled by the recession have been bilking car insurance companies through crash for cash fraud schemes, according to the latest car crime statistics.

According to one car insurance comparison website, one out of every 20 young motorists in the UK have been hit so hard by the lack of discount car insurance for young drivers that they have either successfully invented or staged a car accident claim in an a scramble for money., the comparison site that conducted the survey found that 4 per cent of motorists are a threat not only to themselves but other road users as well.

These survey results are in line with new research results from the Association of British Insurers that revealed in excess of 2,000 fraudulent insurance claims – worth more than £16 million – are discovered on a weekly basis.

The most common types of fraud included so-called ‘cash for crash’ schemes where two vehicle drivers agree beforehand to deliberately colliding with each other with little to no thought to the safety of other nearby drivers.  Completely fabricated accidents are another popular form of fraud, where con artists contrive a claim for a road traffic accident that never actually occurred.

Even more unsettling is news that the number of car crashes where a driver deliberately causes an honest driver to crash into them are on the rise.  These particularly nefarious drivers usually brake unexpectedly so the unsuspecting victim strikes them from behind.

According to the research findings, approximately 8 per cent of successful deliberately caused motor accidents were induced, whilst 24 per cent were contrived and 44 per cent were staged.

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