New study finds more than 25% of motorists drink and drive

As if car insurance companies need yet another reason to begin raising car insurance rates, according to the results of a recently published research study, more than 25 per cent of UK drivers have admitted to drink driving.

Cheap car insurance quote provider Admiral Insurance conducted the research study, finding that more people have admitted to driving whilst over the limit this year than they did in 2009.  The average motorist seems to not be affected by the anti-drink driving message, survey findings indicate, as too many Brits still believe that having a few pints down at the pub before climbing behind the wheel is still a safe action to take.

10 per cent of survey respondents indicated that they considered themselves safe to drive after they had consumed three alcoholic beverages or more.  Moreover, more than 25 per cent admitted to knowingly getting into a vehicle with a driver that could have been over the legal limit.

Drink driving experts have expressed concerns that the situation will only worsen during the summer season.  This is due to statistical analysis that indicates that drink driving accidents are at their highest levels during the months of July and August than they are during any other period of time – including the highly dangerous time between Christmas and New Year.

The survey, which polled 2,500 motorists, by YouGov on behalf of Admiral, found that one out of every four motorists have additionally gotten into their cars and driven off in the morning despite having engaged in a big drinking session the night before that might have left them still over the limit upon waking.

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