1m UK drivers fabricate crash to claim on motor car insurance

According to research findings recently released to the public, in excess of 1 million drivers in the UK have either been the deliberate cause of a crash or completely fabricated one in order to claim on their motor car insurance – or would consider doing such.

Car insurance comparisonsite moneysupermarket.com conducted the research study, discovering that 4 per cent of survey respondents – which would equate to approximately 1.3 million UK motorists – reported their preparedness to make fraudulent claims against their car insurance companies.  An additional two per cent admitted to already having performed such an action.

The most dishonest group of motorists were found to be Londoners, as 10 per cent of them were ready and willing to risk fraud by making a fabricated claim.   Meanwhile the analysis found that the most honest region in the country was Wales, were only 1 per cent of respondents would consider such an action.

Younger drivers were found to be quite dishonest, the discount car insurance comparison site found.  One out of every 20 younger motorists made an admission of being successful in either inventing or staging a road traffic accident in a bit for compensation.

Moneysupermarket’s car insurance expert, Peter Harrison, remarked that people need to be aware that not only is engaging in crash for cash behaviour completely illegal, it also puts the lives of other people at risk.

Mr Harrison had strong words of warning for any drivers who were currently considering such actions in the future.  Brits have simply gone too far, he cautioned, as any claim an insurer proves to be fraudulent will most likely have long-term and drastic consequences on a fraudster’s motoring.

Ann official ‘fraud mark’ could be placed upon someone’s licence if he or she is found guilty of the crime.  This will allow an insurer to not only invalidate your current cover but refuse to do business with you in th efuture as well.

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