Allianz partners with repairer network in BMW-related deal

One motor car insurance company has recently announced it will be partnering with Vizion repairer network in order to manage claims-related repairs for customers with covered BMWs.

Cheap car insurance provider Allianz recently brokered a deal with BMW Financial Services to provide owners of MINI and BMW model vehicles in the UK with travel, home, and car insurance products.  Now Allianz has brought on Vizion, a firm which specialises in accident repairs to prestige vehicles, in order to take on responsibility for any and all repairs that are needed under the terms of its new car insurance scheme for MINI and BMW.

Allianz motor damage supplier controler, Jane Riley, commented on the new deal between her firm and Vizion.  The repairer network, which has conducted work for BMW over the past 12 months, offers an attractive combination of competitive rates and excellent customer service, explained Ms Riley.

Eamonn Dunne, chairman for Vizion, also commented on the new partnership by expressing how delighted he was that his firm had been selected to perform in their chosen capacity by Allianz.  The chairman added that Vizion’s approach towards innovative, efficient, and high quality solutions was closely akin to both BMW and Allianz in their approach to their own businesses.

Allianz will be providing competitive car insurance rates to those MINI and BMW owners that see fit to use their services at the recommendation of BMW Financial Services.  Meanwhile, industry experts believe that Vizion’s extensive experience with repairing prestige vehicles will result in quick turnarounds for any cars that end up in one of the repairer network’s garages across the UK, and that its previous 12 months’ worth of experience working directly with BMW will also prove to be beneficial.

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