Experts share tips on how to get discount car insurance

As obtaining discount car insurance in the UK is becoming harder and harder to accomplish in the post-recessionary landscape, many British motorists have come to struggle to secure adequate cover – and industry experts have come forward with several tips on how to find discount car insurance in the face of rising premiums.

New rules have been put in place in the UK wherein even cars that aren’t driven now need to have at least some rudimentary motor car insurance, or car owners will begin to face steadily increasing fines.    While experts always tell British motorists to shop around, there are additional strategies for keeping your premium payments down will still maintaining the amount of cover you are required to have.

Many experts agree that bundling your insurance may be the key in saving money.  If your assets are numerous, undertaking a so-called ‘umbrella policy’ may be one option, but for those Brits who wouldn’t benefit, many insurers may offer discounts to their overall rates if you have both car insurance cover and other insurance products from them as well.

Another best practice is to review your policy very carefully every time you get your renewal paperwork in the post  Official statistics indicate that a significant proportion of policyholders don’t read their new notices carefully enough and simply automatically renew every year, which could lead to missing important information such as rate increases or reductions in your level of cover.

Drive safely and ask your insurer if they have discounts for such behaviour.  Many insurers will offer a no-claims discount for motorists who drive without incident year-on-year, and some insurers will even allow you to transfer your no-claims discount if changing providers.

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