Online car insurance website designs pothole warning sign

One online car insurance price comparison website has decided to take matters into its own hands by designing a road sign to caution motorists of the more than 2 million estimated potholes that pepper the country’s roadways.

Car insurance comparison site has developed the triangle-shaped sign with a graphical depiction of a car wheel dipping down into an uneven surface.  The sign is the first ever of its kind, and the discount car insurance provider is exhorting the Department fro Transport to begin using the sign across all the roads in the UK.

The new campaign by the website is in recognition that it would take local UK councils more than a decade to repair all the damaged roads in the UK, even if the budgets weren’t stretched thin. also published the results of a recent survey that found 82 per cent of local motorists would prefer a sign specifically for potholes, as they encounter an average of at leas 10 on a daily basis.’s chief marketing officer, Mike Hoban, remarked that steps need to be taken immediately, though he did acknowledge that the repair of these roads is the obvious long-term solution.  In a country where there are road signs that include warnings for cattle, wild horses and other animals, and even toads, certainly potholes can be seen as worthy of their own sign, Mr Hoban commented.

The design of the sign was the brainchild of one Kent plumber, Ted Relf.  The man had put up his original, hand-made sign out in front of his house in April of last year, only to be ordered to remove it by his local council on account of it being ‘a distraction’ to motorists and other passers-by.

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