Car insurance comparison site finds increase in honesty

According to the recently published results of a survey from one car insurance comparison site, motorists in the UK have grown to be more honest when they apply for an online car insurance quote and are not trying to stretch the truth in order to get discount car insurance.

Online car insurance provider conducted the research, finding that the number of motorists found to be telling the truth to car insurance companies has been on the rise recently.  A 2010 survey discovered that 46 per cent of men and 32 per cent of their female counterparts had been less than truthful when pursuing car insurance cover, yet figures for this year indicate that only 17 per cent of men and 12 per cent of women have admitted to misleading their car insurance providers instead.

Insurance industry experts are more than a little baffled by the sharp increase in truthfulness on the part of UK motorists.  This is because insurance costs have been increasing at an almost exponential rate over the course of 2011, resulting in drivers finding it more and more expensive to secure proper cover for their vehicles.

While motorists do appear to be more honest in 2011 than they were last year, one statistic has remained the same: men are still more likely to be interpretive of the truth than women.  The survey, which was comprised of 2,000 respondents, confirmed that the gender divide is still wide, though less of a yawning chasm that it was last year.

One of the key reasons behind the new honesty is that motorists may be developing a keener awareness of the consequences of lying to their insurers.  As insurers crack down on frivolous claims, drivers have seen their cover become invalidated if they try to make a claim wile the information they provided to their provider is inaccurate.

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