Bradford MP calls for car insurance rates summit

One Bradford MP has recently called for a summit to investigate the rocketing car insurance rates gripping the city after the cheapest car insurance quote one of his constituents could find was £9,000 for third party, fire, and theft cover for his son’s car.

Jamie Nunn’s father Dennis bought him a car for his 17th birthday, but was astounded to find the most expensive quote for the vehicle came in at an eye-watering £26,000 as he was trawling online car insurance comparison websites. Mr Nunn did finally find discount car insurance – of a sort – for a sum of £9,000 for his son’s vehicle.

Bradford East’s Liberal Democrat MP, David Ward, was incensed by the situation, calling it patently ridiculous as some parts of Bradford were plagued with the insanely high premium quotes.  The Nunns, Eccleshill natives, have had no choice to sell the vehicle, a 1.1 litre Citroen Saxo that they had initially purchased for only £700.  The elder Nunn commented that his son’s dreams of having his first car at 17 have been dashed to pieces because car insurance companies have chosen to be extortionate in order to recoup their losses in the face of rising costs.

The BD2 postcode area in which the family resides – which is comprised of Bolton, Fagley, Undercliffe, and Eccleshill, has the dubious honour of running nearly twice the number of uninsured motorists in comparison to national figures.  Mr Ward said that insurers are refusing to cover people who haven’t made one single claim in three decades and young motorists are being slapped with exorbitant sums for their first cars simply because they live in the wrong post code.

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