Young drivers in Northern Ireland feeling the squeeze

With so many young drivers in Northern Ireland feeling the squeeze when it comes time to pay their motor car insurance premiums, the call has been made for the government to investigate why costs there are so much more expensive than in other regions of the UK.

As discount car insurance for young drivers becomes more and more rare in Northern Ireland, an increasing number of young motorists have found themselves priced right out from behind their drivers’ seats and off the road.  While younger drivers have always been exposed to higher car insurance rates, premiums for those between 17 and 22 years of age have risen by a rate of 64 per cent over the past 12 months, according to the Northern Ireland Consumer Council, which has made insurance for young drivers more dear in Northern Ireland than any other region in the UK.

The NICC has urged the Norther Ireland Assembly to start an investigation into the matter, paying particular attention to why young male drivers get hit harder than their female counterparts.  Northern Ireland’s young female drivers pay anywhere from £1,500 to £2,000 a year in insurance costs, yet young men pay closer to £3,000 instead.

In fact, according to the Consumer Council, drivers in Northern Ireland see their premiums inflated by £300 in comparison to the rest of the UK.  The reasoning behind the increased premiums have been that young drivers have a higher likelihood of getting themselves into accidents, yet this has been applied throughout the UK and only in Northern Ireland have rates been so much higher than the national average.

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