Sainsbury’s: discount car insurance disappearing in the UK

Cheap car insurance is becoming so scarce in the UK that many motorists are having no choice but to alter their driving habits in order to maintain their vehicle ownership, one motor car insurance provider recently said.

Sainsbury’s recently published the results of a research study that found approximately 76 per cent of drivers have had to change their driving habits over the past year in an attempt to save money in the face of rising car insurance rates.  Moreover, approximately 1.3 million drivers have reported giving up motoring throughout the past 12 months because the costs of operating their vehicles were too dear.

In order to save some cash, 26 per cent of survey respondents no longer fill their tanks up completely, instead opting for only filling it with anywhere between £20 to £50 per garage visit, independent of how much this actually buys them.  An additional 45 per cent of motorists have scaled back their driving , while car sharing has increased by seven per cent in an effort to make their money go farther.

Sainsbury’s Finance motor insurance head, Ben Tyte, stated that the average driver has an estimated fuel bill of more than £1,700 per year, which represents a 22.9 per cent increase over last year’s figures.  Mr Tyte remarked that this increase highlights just how profound the affect is on drivers when it comes to rising motoring costs, as the average cost of running a car annually is now just in excess of £3,000 per year – an increase of 21 per cent from 2010 figures.

Industry experts agree that insurers lay the blame on rising levels of claims fraud as one of the primary drivers of increased premiums.

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