Rising motoring costs drive 1.3 million Brits off the road

Rising motoring costs have driven around 1.3 million Brits from the roads in the UK over the past 12 months, according to newly released research findings from one motor car insurance company.

Cheap car insurance provider Sainsbury’s released the eye-watering figure, suggesting that one in 30 motorists in the UK have grown frustrated enough with rising petrol costs and car insurance rates to have literally given up on driving over the past year.  The Sainsbury’s report discovered that around £1,720 a year is spent by the average car owner just to keep their vehicle fueled, a figure that nearly 23 per cent higher than it was last year.

Sainsbury’s says that three out of every four drivers have had to change their driving habits in order to cope with the rising costs over the last year.  This includes an increase of 30 per cent to motor insurance premiums., and brings the total cost of running a car to more than £3,000 a year on average, which is 21 per cent higher than last year.

According to the AA, there are 27 million cars in the UK, with 31 million registered licenced drivers.  The AA was willing to believe that spiralling costs have driven the lion’s share of motorists to take steps to cut their expenses, but were sceptical of the idea that there were 1.3 million less cars on roads in the UK as a result.

Edmund King, president of the motoring organisation, remarked that even though figures collected by the AA coincide with the new survey’s level of fuel-price hardship, the likelihood of one out of every 30 drivers in the UK have given up their cars is low.

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